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    Together, let's preserve our planet

Endowment Fund

BDO has chosen to strengthen its social, societal and environmental commitment by becoming an "Entreprise à mission" and by creating the BDO GAÏA endowment fund in June 2021. BDO GAÏA's objective is to help non-profit organisations which support projects aimed at preserving the planet.

The BDO GAÏA endowment fund has decided to support three non-profit organisations, selected by BDO France employees:

  • Océanoplastic to reduce plastic pollution on the French coastline.
  • LPO, to act for Biodiversity
  • La Maison du Zéro Déchet, a ZEROWASTE initiative to reduce waste

How will the endowment fund help these organisations?

The first initiative is to provide financial support, which is essential for the organisations to carry out their actions. BDO GAÏA has already received an endowment from BDO France and will also ask its employees, partners and all its stakeholders for donation in two main ways:

  • The rounding up of salaries based on the principle of micro-donations to rounding down to the lower euro of someone's salary
  • Fundraising via the hello.asso platform, which allows to receive a tax receipt and a 66% tax credit.

Concrete actions will also be proposed in partnership with these organisations and within the territories where BDO is operating: awareness raising, provision of materials relating to our commitments, waste collection, etc.

Would you like to support the actions of the BDO GAÏA endowment fund? Please use the donation collection platform!

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