Defer payment of your social security charges

During this difficult period, further to the speech by the President of the Republic on 12 March, remember that it is possible to defer the payment of social security charges in order to support and plan ahead for business cash flow problems.

 For payment at 15/03 (February DSN): It is possible to defer payment to the URSSAF ONLY. As such, if you would like us to amend the filing of your return, please contact your usual social security contact person by email as of now. Amendment is possible up to midday on 19/03.

 If you want to make the amendment yourself directly in your URSSAF account, the procedure can be accessed via the following link: . In this case, please inform your social security contact person.

 With regard to pensions, it is no longer possible to amend the deduction on 25/03.

 For payment at 15/04 (March DSN): It will be possible to defer payment for the Urssaf as well as for pensions. You must inform your usual social security contact person by email only by 1 April 2020 at the latest.


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