New tax credit to encourage landlords to give up the rents in favor of tenants of professional premises

The government has made a commitment to introduce in Finance Law 2021 a tax credit aimed to encourage the landlords to participate in the support of the companies most affected by the restrictive measures implemented since October 30, 2020.

The tax credit will benefit all landlords, individuals and legal entities, regardless of their tax regime, who grant a reduction of at least one month's rent owed by the companies with less than 250 employees, administratively closed or belonging to the hotel, cafe and restaurant sector.

This 30% tax credit will apply to the amounts of rent waivers granted over the period from October to December 2020.


Companies that cannot reach an agreement with their landlord can resort to non-jurisdictional mediation:

  • the corporate mediator,
  • or, when it exists in the department, the departmental commission for the conciliation of commercial leases.

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