Our mission

What is a mission-driven company?

Created by the "Pacte Law" of May 2019, relating to the growth and transformation of companies, the mission-driven company model enables a company (in France) to enshrine in its bylaws a “raison d'être” as well objectives that benefit the common interest and impact the quality of our environment: 
environmental, social and societal issues.

Why is BDO is becoming a mission-driven company ?

Climate change, digitalization, over-consumption of non-renewable resources, human rights: companies can't just meet their CSR obligations; they also have a collective responsibility beyond their core business.

BDO, whose teams support several thousand companies - whether they are starting up, growing or in difficulty - has an impact on the entire economic fabric and society as a whole.

We are also one of the top recruiters (and trainers) in France. Our employer promise and our organization must take into account the expectations of our future employees.

Becoming a company with a mission means acknowledging this broader responsibility and integrating it into our strategy, so that every decision we take includes the search for a positive impact on our customers, our teams and the community as a whole, in order to play a full part in the emergence of a more sustainable, more ethical and more inclusive society.

Becoming a mission-driven company means obliging ourselves —in the sense of a promise and a commitment— to give meaning to our ambitions, to remain passionately committed.

Affirming our raison d'être

BDO's mission is to support entrepreneurs and managers on their journey of transformation to become contributors to society.

We do this by raising their awareness, informing them and offering them services that will enable them to meet their own challenges in a sustainable way, while improving their performance.

It is thanks to our teams that BDO will achieve its ambitions: we are committed to providing a fulfilling and caring working environment for everyone in our offices.

We are convinced that the organizations of tomorrow are those that commit to a just transition to a more responsible, more inclusive, and more ethical world.

Passionately committed, we mobilize our expertise* to accompany economic players towards a more sustainable model within their territories.

To achieve this, we are committed to providing our teams with an environment conducive to balance, fulfillment, and the expression of their talents

To be the foundation and springboard 
for those who invest in the future

*Audit, advisory, accounting and social expertise, legal and tax expertise

enshrined in our bylaws

Promote the talents of our teams and develop their full potential
Reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and cooperate with partners who share the same requirements
Boost employment and integration in the areas where our teams and customers are present
Promote responsible practices among our customers
Contribute to the personal fulfillment of our employees by looking after their physical and mental health

Composition of the mission committee

The implementation of the social and environmental objectives set by the company is monitored by a mission committee that is separate from the company's governing bodies. It comprises a minimum of 4 members, one of whom must be an employee of the company. These members are chosen by the Management Board from outside the members of this body and the company's executive directors.

The mission committee's objectives are to:

  • Question the relevance of the actions and strategies chosen
  • Challenge the company's operational objectives, leading it to be more ambitious.
  • Monitor the operational implementation of the mission and may also suggest relevant indicators
  • Draw up an annual report to be attached to the management report.

A mission committee made up of five external personalities...

… and three internal members

Edwige AVICE
Member of the CS Group Board of Directors
Stéphanie de BEAUMONT
Managing Director, Phitrust
Audrey LEROY
Partner, President of the Mission Committee

Chief Sustainability Officer, ENGIE Group
Christian LE ROUX
General Secretary, M2i Life Sciences Group
Business developer
Christelle BITOUZET
Teacher at HEC Paris and Sciences Po Paris

Consultant BDO Advisory

Permanent guest

Arnaud NAUDAN 
Chairman of the Board of BDO France

Our ambassadors for the mission

Within BDO, a community of ambassadors has been formed, carrying with them the flame of commitment and the desire to make a difference. As employees of our company, they embody our values and guide our actions.

Their role? To share, inspire and weave links between teams, projects, and aspirations. They are the artisans of inclusion, encouraging sustainable and responsible practices. Every day, these ambassadors work to ensure that our mission resonates in every corridor, every meeting, every office.