Get to know about us

Who Are We ?

BDO is the 5th largest global network for audit, accounting, and advisory services. We support the development of our clients, 
ranging from startups to major corporations, both in France and internationally.

Our History

In 1963, five diverse firms from England, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, and Canada joined forces to create a bold alliance. Their goal? To merge their talents, expertise, and experiences to meet the global needs of their clients. The Binder Seidman International Group was born. 

Ten years later, in 1973, this visionary union adopted a new name: Binder Dijker Otte & Co (BDO). BDO's network expanded, weaving international ties to offer clients seamless excellence across borders. The BDO logo became a symbol of this harmonious collaboration. 

In 2007, BDO France was established, unifying all network members under a single signature, combining their strengths to navigate the complex waters of the financial world.

Key figures

Benefit from the power of an integrated global network and the responsiveness of a local team.

Our Brand Signature

In 2022, BDO France unveiled its new brand positioning with a signature that truly reflects our essence:

Passionately Committed.

  • We are passionately committed to guiding our clients toward sustainable and ethical growth. 
  • We also foster the professional growth of our team within a meaningful environment and values.

This brand signature embodies the soulful essence found at BDO. We are not just an advisory and audit firm; we are a brand with a story, a vision, and new commitments.

Mission-Driven Enterprise

Beyond being a mere firm, BDO is an enterprise with a mission. 


Because climate change, digitalization, resource overconsumption, and human rights demand more than fulfilling ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) obligations. 

BDO’s impact extends to the entire economic fabric and society as a whole. As one of the top recruiters (and trainers) in France, our employer promise and organizational structure must consider the expectations of our future collaborators. 

Becoming an Enterprise with a Mission means embracing this broader responsibility and integrating it into our strategy. 

Our decisions aim for a positive impact on clients, teams, and the community, contributing to a more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive society.

Our values

Exacting and Audacious 

Exacting reflects the rigor inherent and indispensable to our business. It's because we aim for the highest quality in our deliverables that we also have the audacity and courage to question practices and challenge decision-makers to take the path of innovation and transformation.

Accessible and Pragmatic

We are close to our customers, both geographically and emotionally, advising them on the important decisions they need to make. Our constant aim is to find practical solutions. We also strive for maximum accessibility in terms of inclusion for all.

Passionate and committed

Our teams love what they do, and are as passionate about their day-to-day work as they are about the stories of the managers they support. They commit themselves wholeheartedly to the success of their missions. BDO France is also committed to a more sustainable, ethical, and responsible economy.

Our Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Board of BDO France is chaired by Arnaud Naudan.

  • Arnaud Naudan – Chairman of the Board of BDO France
  • Grégoire Bisson – Managing Director of BDO France
  • Christine Costard – Chairman of the Governance Board
  • Marc Antoine Cabrelli – Partner
  • Mélanie Josse – Partner
  • Audrey Leroy – President of the Mission Committee
  • Nathan Zelany – General Secretary of BDO France