Multi-replacement fixed-term contracts: a new possibility for some companies

Multi-replacement fixed-term contracts: a new possibility for some companies

Law No. 2022-1598 of 21 December 2022, known as the Labour Market Law, reactivates the experiment allowing employers in certain sectors to conclude a single fixed-term contract (“CDD”) or temporary employment contract (“CTT") to replace one or more absent employees, either simultaneously or successively.  

For the record, the Professional Future Act of 5 September 2018 had already opened up this possibility, on an experimental basis, between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020. 

This measure was taken in order to limit the volume of short contracts signed by companies. In principle, only one contract may be concluded for the replacement of a single employee.   

As decree no. 2023-263 of 12 April 2023 was published in the Official Journal the following day, the experiment will apply from 13 April 2023 until 13 April 2025, i.e., for a period of 2 years. The list of sectors and collective agreements concerned has been extended to opening up this experiment to 66 Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) in total.

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IDDC number 

CBA of private hospitalization (IDCC 2264) merged with the CBA of thermalism (IDCC 2104)   

IDCC 2264  

CBA of medico-social establishments of the inter-union union of health and social sectors 

IDCC 0405  

CBA of private non-profit hospitalization, care, cure and on-call institutions 

IDCC 0029  

CBA of work in establishments and services for the maladjusted and disabled (IDCC 0413), merged with the national collective agreement for qualified medical specialists with regard to the professional board working in institutions and services for maladjusted and disabled persons (IDCC 1001) and the CBA for residential and social rehabilitation centers (IDCC 783) 

IDCC 0413  

CBA of Cancer Centers 

IDCC 2046  

CBA Red Cross 

IDCC 5502  

CBA of cleaning companies and associated services 

IDCC 3043  

CBA of the mutuality 

IDCC 2128  

CBA for education, culture, leisure and animation professions acting for social and environmental utility, at the service of the territories 

IDCC 1518  

CBA of sport   

IDCC 2511  

CBA of the branch of assistance, accompaniment, care and services at home 

IDCC 2941  

CBA of actors of social and family ties: social and sociocultural centers, childcare associations, local social development associations 

IDCC 1261  

CBA for Social and Family Tourism 

IDCC 1316  

Private and public broadcasting undertakings: Broadcasting CBA and Broadcasting Sector Negotiation Perimeter as provided for in the February 1, 2019, Method Agreement on the Negotiation for the Implementation of an CBA for Private and Public Broadcasting Undertakings  

IDCC 1922  

CBA of Journalists 

IDCC 1480  

CBA for Supported Housing and Housing 

IDCC 2336  

CBA ski lifts and ski areas 

IDCC 454  

CBA of retail and wholesale food 

IDCC 2216  

CBA Non-Specialized Food Retail 

IDCC 1505  

CBA of the specialized food retail trade 

IDCC 3237  

CBA of Plastics processes 

IDCC 0292  

CBA of staff of catering companies 

IDCC 1266  

CBA for the trade in sporting goods and leisure equipment (IDCC 1557), merged with the CBA of camping (IDCC 1618) 

IDCC 1557  

CBA for Road Transport and Auxiliary Transportation Activities 

IDCC 16  

CBA of Dairy 

IDCC 112  

departmental CBA of sugar mills and sugar distilleries of Réunion 

IDCC 440  

CBA bakery and pastry shop 

IDCC 843  

departmental CBA association of bakery workers of Martinique 

IDCC 901  

CBA of Pastry 

IDCC 1267  

CBA of retailers, retailers-manufacturers and artisans of confectionery, chocolate, biscuits 

IDCC 1286  

Departmental CBA of agri-food industries of Réunion 

IDCC 1341  

CBA of Processed Food Industries 

IDCC 1396  

CBA of bottled water, soft drinks and beer production operations 

IDCC 1513  

CBA of meat industry and wholesalers 

IDCC 1534  

CBA of the Salting, Wholesale and Canned Meat Industry (IDCC 1586), merged with the National Gut Collective Agreement (IDCC 1543) 

IDCC 1586  

departmental CBA of sugar factories, sugar distilleries and distilleries of Guadeloupe 

IDCC 1700  

CBA of Bakery and Pastry Industrial Activities (IDCC 1747), merged with the CBA of Registered Egg Packing, Marketing and Processing Centers and Egg Products Industries (IDCC No. 2075) 

IDCC 1747  

CBA for grain processing trades, formerly milling 

IDCC 1930  

CBA of Poultry Processing Industries 

IDCC 1938  

CBA of dry pasta and unprepared couscous 

IDCC 1987  

Regional CBA of the bakery and pastry shop of French Guiana 

IDCC 2250  

CBA of sugar refineries, sugar distilleries and sugar refineries 

IDCC 2728  

CBA of the 5 branches miscellaneous food industries 

IDCC 3109  

CBA of cooperatives and SICA for the production, processing and sale of livestock and meat 

IDCC 7001  

Collective Agreement for Grain, Milling, Supply, Feed and Oilseed Agricultural Cooperatives 

IDCC 7002  

CBA of cooperative canneries and SICA 

IDCC 7003  

CBA of dairy cooperatives 

IDCC 7004  

CBA of cooperative cellars and their unions extended to SICA wineries 

IDCC 7005  

CBA of work concerning agricultural cooperatives, unions of agricultural cooperatives and SICA of flowers, fruits and vegetables and potatoes 

IDCC 7006  

CBA of agricultural flax scutching cooperatives 

IDCC 7007  

CBA concerning the staff of milk recording agencies 

IDCC 7008  

CBA of animal breeding and breeding companies 

IDCC 7021  

CBA of agricultural dewatering enterprises 

IDCC 7023  

Regional CBA of fruit cooperatives Ain Doubs Jura 

IDCC 8435  

CBA of personal service companies 

IDCC 3127  

Unions for the management of health and medico-social establishments of health insurance funds, set up in accordance with Articles L.216-1 to L.216-3 of the Social Security Code and covered by the national collective labour agreement for the staff of social security bodies 

IDCC 2018  

CBA of Non-Food Retail 

IDCC 1517  

CBA of Clothing Retail Chain Houses  

IDCC 0675  

CBA of Department Stores and Popular Stores 

IDCC 2156  

CBA of the Footwear Succursalist Trade 

IDCC 468  

CBA of the wholesale of clothing, haberdashery, footwear and toys 

IDCC 500  

CBA of Clothing and textile articles retail trade  


CBA of aesthetics-cosmetics and technical and professional education related to the aesthetics and perfumery professions 

IDCC 3032  

CBA of the mechanical glass manufacturing industries 

IDCC 0669  

CBA for the production and transformation of paper and paperboard 

IDCC 3238  

CBA of the personnel of service providers in the tertiary sector 

IDCC 2098  


At the same time, the Ministry of Labour has published 27 Questions and Answers in order to provide clarification.  

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