FNE Training: to train your employees on partial unemployment

FNE Training: to train your employees on partial unemployment

The National Fund for Employment (FNE) - Training is offered to the companies that, in the context of the sanitary crisis, see their activity decrease. In the event of prolonged under-activity, or even total cessation of activity, the company can apply for the FNE-Training during periods of employees' inactivity in order to invest in their skills.

Its objective: to encourage and support the implementation of training projects within a short period of time, in order to support the skills development initiatives that are at the heart of the recovery.


All companies with employees placed in partial activity are eligible for these employees. There is no criterion of company size or sector of activity. All employees, with the exception of employees on an apprenticeship contract or professionalization contract, are eligible, regardless of their socio-professional category or level of education. 


All training programs, skills assessments and actions to validate experience can be financed, with the exception of compulsory training. However, training courses allowing the renewal of an individual qualification or certification required to carry out their professional activity are eligible. The training courses can be carried out in person or remotely, by an external service provider or in in-house training.

Please note: the deadline for the completion of training courses is 30/06/2021.


Two types of partial activity exist with different levels of support for training:

  • Partial Activity (PA): FNE support is based on 70% of teaching costs (and no longer 100% as was the case until 31/12/2020).
  • Long-term Partial Activity (APLD): FNE coverage is based on 80% of teaching costs with a ceiling set at 6000 euros on average per employee per year (i.e. 4800 euros by applying the 80%).

In both situations, additional costs such as accommodation, food and transport can be covered on the basis of a flat rate of €2.00 excluding VAT (€2.40 including VAT) for each hour of classroom training attested by a certificate of completion without any other form of justification (these costs must be indicated when requesting coverage).

Remuneration costs already financed by the partial activity are always excluded.


In return for State aid, the employer must undertake to keep the trained employee in employment throughout the period of the agreement.

The employment contract being suspended during the period of partial activity, the employer must obtain the written agreement of the employee for the follow-up of the training.


For complete information, please consult the Questions/Answers of the Labor Ministry.

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