How to maintain a remote commercial activity in times of crisis?

How to maintain a remote commercial activity in times of crisis?

Is your business directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis? How can you continue your business and ensure your turnover while respecting the current rules related to the reception of the public?

Despite the inability to carry out your traditional activity during the health crisis, you can keep the link with your customers and maintain a commercial activity through the sale of your products at a distance.

As an example, a beauty salon can during this period focus on setting up the remote sales of its cosmetic products.

However, it is important to note that to maintain an activity in times of crisis, you must make sure to declare your commercial activity beforehand and therefore be registered in the Trade and Companies Register and check the articles of association if necessary (to take our example mentioned above, for a beauty salon SARL, you will have to check in the articles of association that the object includes the activity of trading the cosmetic products for example, and not only the activities of esthetic treatment). 

Find below the solutions available to help you maintain your economic activity:

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry presents you with the conditions to enable you to maintain a delivery and order withdrawal activity. Download the Guide " How to sell during a crisis

CCI IDF: How do you continue to sell your products?

Download the Guide "How to sell during a crisis?"



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