If you are unable to pay your tax

If you are unable to pay your tax

You can apply for staggering or deferral of your tax payments from your corporation tax department (SIE) or from the DGE for large firms.

A specific form is available online to track your application and the deferred amounts. Simply complete it and send it to your SIE by email.

> Download form (ODT)

> Download form (PDF)

Deferrals are granted for a period of three months without any penalty and without justification.

For the most difficult situations, you can also apply for a discount on your direct taxes. You must then fill in the form and justify your application (information on the decrease in turnover, other debts to be paid, cash flow situation).

If you have been able to instruct your bank to block the deduction of March payments, you have nothing to do.

If you have a monthly payment contract, for the payment of the corporate property contribution (CFE) or property tax (TF), it is possible to suspend payments on impots.gouv.fr or by contacting the assessment Centre. The outstanding amount will be charged to the balance without any penalties.


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