IS 2021: more flexible measures!

IS 2021: more flexible measures!

In order to anticipate a decrease in the 2020 results of companies, it is possible to modulate the 1st instalment of IS (Corporate income tax) of 15 March according to the estimated result of the financial year ending on 31/12/2020 (and not that of 31/12/2019), with a margin of error of 10%.

In this case, the amount of the second instalment must be determined in such a way that the sum of the first two instalments corresponds to at least 50% of the Corporate Tax due for the financial year ending on 31/12/2020. This optional arrangement does not require any particular formality. 

Moreover, companies subject to Corporate Income Tax can request the reimbursement of tax credits refundable in 2021 before filing their tax return. 

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