Receive support for your business cash flow

Receive support for your business cash flow

The health crisis is affecting your business. You are aware that you will have or are in danger of having cash flow problems in the short- or medium-term: PLAN AHEAD!

In addition to measures to delay social security and tax payment deadlines and partial operation measures, arrangements are in place to assist with and handle cash flow problems with the following organisations:

1/ Your banking partners 

  • Implementation of accelerated credit instruction procedures for tight cash flow situations within 5 days and specific consideration of urgent situations;
  • Deferral of credit repayments for businesses for up to six months
  • Removal of penalties and of additional costs relating to the extension of delays and credit for businesses;
  • Relay of government measures: in discussions with customers, communication and explanation of public support measures (extension of social security and tax deadlines, public guarantee mechanism such as BPI, etc.).

In connection with the press release by the French banking federation:

2/ Bpifrance

Bpifrance has activated an emergency support plan for businesses to guarantee bank credit facilities which companies may need as a result of the epidemic

Businesses can enquire about these exceptional support measures directly, using the free phone number: 0 969 370 240

In particular, they include:

  • The Bpifrance guarantee, the amount of which increased from 70% to 90% (announced by the minister Bruno Lemaire on 12/03/2020), for cash loans granted by French private banks to companies affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 Coronavirus;
  • An extension of traditional investment facility guarantees, to support the restructuring by banks, with no management fees;
  • The restructuring of medium- and long-term facilities for Bpifrance customers, upon request substantiated by the circumstances.

Further information

3/ Support from the State and Banque de France

Support from the State and Banque de France (credit mediation) to negotiate a rescheduling of bank loans with your bank:

  • In case of any problems with negotiating rescheduling or obtaining finance (freezing of credit lines, problems financing working capital requirements, etc.)

Credit mediation can be contacted online via the dedicated website.

4/ Other

Support for handling conflicts with customers or suppliers via two methods

Visit the page below: and click “SAISIR” [contact] or “ECRIRE” [write to] the business ombudsman.


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