Postponement of tax due deadlines and other similar declarations to June 30!

Postponement of tax due deadlines and other similar declarations to June 30!

Among the support measures, numerous postponements of deadlines, both fiscal and social, have already been granted in March and April. In the area of direct taxes, all the support measures have already represented an effort of €3.8 billion for the government.

The month of May has several tax deadlines: filing of the "tax returns", balance of corporate income tax, balance of CVAE.

In order to give the companies and chartered accountants a clearer view of the situation, taking into account their difficulties in gathering all the information they need to correctly declare their taxes during this period of health crisis, Gérald Darmanin presents a schedule of these deadlines: download the press release

All deadlines for filing tax returns and other similar declarations in May are therefore postponed to June 30th. The following are concerned:

  • Corporate income tax returns (2065 and appendices)
  • The tax returns for craftsmen, traders and liberal professions (2031, 2035 and annexes)
  • Tax returns for non-profit associations (2070)
  • Tax returns on agricultural profits (2143 and 2139)
  • Statements of corporate tax balances and payment,
  • Tax returns for SCI (non-trading property companies) (2071 and 2072)
  • 1329 CED, 1330 CVAE declarations and payment of the balance
  • DAS2 declarations

Please, note that the CA12 VAT declaration is not concerned.

The calendar presents the details of these postponements. These additional delays should allow the companies and chartered accountants to meet their annual tax obligations.


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