The State-guaranteed loan is extended until the end of 2021

The State-guaranteed loan is extended until the end of 2021

While the state-guaranteed loan (PGE) was due to expire on 30.06.2021, Bruno Lemaire has announced its extension until the end of 2021.

As a reminder, the PGE is a loan granted to a company or professional by its usual bank, despite the current strong economic uncertainty, thanks to the guarantee provided by the State on a very significant part of the loan (90% for SMEs). Companies of any size, regardless of their legal form, can benefit from this scheme. The amount of the EMP can represent up to three months' turnover in 2019 (25% of total turnover excluding VAT) or two years' payroll for innovative companies or companies created since 01.01.2019. Several loans may be granted to the same company, without exceeding this ceiling.

An application until 31.12.2021 instead of 30.06.2021. State-guaranteed loans, which were available until 31.12.2020, had already been extended until 30.06.2021. A further extension has now been announced, this time until 31.12.2021.

Good to know. To obtain a secured loan, your company must approach its usual credit institution to apply for a loan. If it meets the eligibility criteria, the bank will give you a preliminary agreement. Your company must then obtain a PGE application certificate from Bpifrance (sur ) with a unique identification number. All you have to do is send your certificate to your bank to obtain the funds.



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