Arnaud Naudan

Arnaud Naudan

Chief Executive Officer

Executive summary

Role and Responsibility

Arnaud is the partner responsible for banking activities at BDO.

He will provide his expertise for the analysis of financial instruments.


Professional experience

Arnaud has 10 years’ experience in auditing financial institutions for PwC in Paris, New York and then for BDO Luxembourg, where he delivered auditing and banking advisory services. He has also coordinated the Asset Quality Review for Crédit Mutuel CIC and oversees the auditing of corporate and consolidated financial statements for the HSBC France Group.

He has extensive knowledge of financial activities, the management of financial risks and financial instruments used by non-banking groups.

Arnaud represents BDO France on the banking commission and heads the IFRS technical cell at BDO France in relation to financial instruments.

Arnaud is also a member of “Club Banque” of the Banking Review and regularly attends working groups at the AFG.