Julien Dumaine

Julien Dumaine


Executive summary

Current role at BDO

BDO Partner since 2015, Julien is  responsible  for  a portfolio  of  more  than 150 clients, from small  businesses  to international  groups.

Surrounded by a team of 6 people, his activities are divided into:

- 60% Accounting expertise

- 40% of Statutory Audits


He joined  BDO in  2005 after 2 years of experience in a small accounting firm.

Chartered accountant since 2012, he is now partner in BDO and is the operating head of VRC, one of our subsidiaries.

Beyond the taste  for numbers and their interpretation, he  understands  his  role  as a manager as  a referent to the team as well as a talent developer: to provide his customers with reliable and versatile resources while promoting the rise in skills of employees makes the difference.


Most recent work

Julien has  experience with international groups. In his role as an accountant, he  accompanies many executives from the beginning and at each stage of their company's life.

With all his clients, he is committed to maintaining proximity and flexibility that are the keys to an effective partnership.

Invested in the implementation of new technologies, he is constantly thinking about evolving and creating tools that automate procedures and energize our missions:

Save time to our customers, help them anticipate, search for tailor-made solutions ...

Julien has been a quality controller for the Ordre des Experts-Comptables (Order of Chartered Accountants) since 2018.