New aid of 1000€ for self-employed person

New aid of 1000€ for self-employed person

The Council for the Social Protection of Self-Employed Workers (CPSTI) has decided to grant an aid of 1000 euros to the self-employed workers and 500 euros to the self-employed entrepreneurs affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Who can benefit from it?

Any self-employed person concerned by a total administrative closure (total interruption of activity) since November 2, 2020 (authorized activities of the type "click and collect" / take away sale or delivery are not considered as an exclusion criteria) and meeting the following cumulative eligibility conditions :

For craftsmen, traders and liberal professions :

  • Have made at least one contribution payment since setting up as a self-employed person
  • Have been affiliated before January 1, 2020
  • Be up to date with personal contributions and social security contributions as of December 31, 2019 or have a current schedule in place
  • Not having benefited from an aid to contributors in difficulty (ACED) since September 2020 or a current application to URSSAF.
  • Not to be the subject of a forced collection procedure (bailiff, office taxation...).


The exceptional financial aid Covid-19 can be cumulated with any other aid, in particular that of the solidarity fund.

Only the benefit of an aid to contributors in difficulty (ACED) since September 2020 or a current application for ACED is an exclusion criteria.


How to benefit from the aid?

  1. Fill in the form 
  2. Send the form and the company's RIB before November 30 to the Urssaf/CGSS of the company's region by email, choosing the subject "health and social action".


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