CSR commitment

The CSR charter

BDO is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility: a team spirit and teamwork, a respect for the environment and a high quality client service are values that must be shared by all.
Honoring these commitments is one of the key elements to BDO's long-term development.

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Gender equality index

Pursuant to the French act "For the freedom to choose one's professional future" of September 5, 2018, businesses with 50 or more employees publish the Index score on professional equality between women and men every year. For the 2021 reference period, BDO's index is 94 points out of 100 (compared to 91 points out of 100 in 2020).

This index is based on four indicators for the calculation as specified but the Decree:

  • Gender pay gap,
  • Gender pay rise gap
  • Proportion of employees returning from maternity leave who received a pay rise when salary increases were granted during their leave,
  • Number of women among the top ten employees with the highest salaries.

In line with its commitment to diversity, BDO (women represent 65% of the workforce at BDO) is taking action on all of the indicators measured in order to reduce the gap between men's and women's pay.

Diversity charter

Promoting pluralism and seeking diversity through recruitment and career management is a key development factor for the firm. Such an approach contributes to its efficiency and to the quality of its social relations. The Diversity Charter adopted by our firm is to demonstrate our commitment, in France, to cultural, ethnic and social diversity within our organisation.

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Social & environnemental responsibility

  • A "Green Team" is in action since the creation of BDO 
  • BDO has a "Bilan Carbone" operating license and is a member of the "Bilan Carbone" association
  • BDO is a member of the Academy of Financial Accounting Sciences, as well as of the "CSR and ISO 26000" working groups, which published its conclusions in the Cahier n°22 available on www.lacademie.info
  • BDO is a member of C3D (Collège des Directeurs du Développement Durable)
  • BDO is accredited by the COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee) for the audit of social, environmental and societal information (accreditation available on the COFRAC website)