Entreprise à mission

BDO, entreprise à mission

Created by the PACTE law of May 22, 2019, relating to the growth and transformation of companies, the mission-based company model enables a company (in France) to enshrine in its articles of association a "raison d'être" consisting of the achievement of objectives, benefiting the common interest and having an impact on the quality of our environment : environmental, social and societal issues. 

Our raison d'être: "We are convinced that the organizations of tomorrow are those that commit to a just transition to a more responsible, more inclusive, more ethical world. Passionately committed, we mobilize our expertise* to accompany economic players towards a more sustainable model within their territories. To achieve this, we are committed to providing our teams with an environment conducive to balance, fulfillment and the expression of their talents. To be the foundation and springboard for those who invest in the future. »
*Audit, advisory, accounting and social expertise, legal and tax expertise

BDO has made 5 commitments that are enshrined in our bylaws :  

  • Inclusion: to promote the talents of our teams and develop their full potential ;  
  • Environment: reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and cooperate with partners who share the same requirements ;
  • Integration: boost employment and integration in the areas where our teams and customers are present ;
  • Health: contribute to the personal fulfillment of our employees by looking after their physical and mental health ;
  • Responsibility: promoting responsible practices among our customers.

To meet these commitments, we are carrying out a series of concrete actions, which impact each of our day-to-day activities. A monitoring committee is responsible for defining and implementing these actions, and measuring their results. Group employees are involved in the entire process, and are regularly informed of the progress made. 

In adopting this status, we also wish to promote these practices to our customers.

Publication : Notice of verification of the quality of a company with a mission

As a company with a mission, BDO was audited by an independent third-party organization, which carried out work designed to provide a reasoned opinion on compliance with social and environmental objectives. The aim of the independent third-party body  was to verify :

  • The consistency of the mission with BDO's business and its main social and environmental challenges
  • The presence and adequacy of resources and actions 
  • Whether BDO has achieved the results it has set itself

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Raison d'être & commitments

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