"Raison d'être" & commitments

Our raison d'être : « Être le socle et le tremplin de ceux qui investissent l’avenir. »

We provide our clients with a solid, trusting and structuring frame to facilitate their day to day activities  and to assert  sustainable business. Our close collaboration  will secure and challenge their future and organization. Our “raison d'être” is to support entrepreneurs and business leaders  on the journey  of transformation, for a more responsible, more inclusive, more ethical world, for the benefit of our society as a whole, while preserving their performance. We are also committed to providing a fulfilling and caring environment for our employees so that everyone can express and develop their talents. We are working to develop conditions that are conducive to a healthy balance for everyone, in the territories where we operate. 

Our commitments

  • INCLUSION - Promote the talents of its teams and develop all their potential.
  • ENVIRONNMENT - Reduce the environmental impact of its activities and cooperate with partners who share the same requirements.
  • INSERTION - Boosting employment and insertion in the territories where BDO teams and clients are operating.
  • WELL-BEING - Contribute to the development of its employees by taking care of their physical and mental health.
  • RESPONSIBLE - Promote responsible practices among its clients.
We are convinced that the sustainability of a Business depends as much on its performance as on its activity and general interest. By becoming an « Entreprise à mission », we are committed to fully participate in our City, Territories and Country’s activities. By demonstrating that economic performance goes in hand with the creation of a sustainable value, we are giving new horizons to our Teams and to our Clients. Through our « raison d’être » : « socle et tremplin de ceux qui investissent l’avenir », we thrive to promote our trust and audacity values to all our stakeholders, employees, clients, partners, decision makers and citizens.