The genesis of the project

The genesis of the project

THE MANIFESTO: result of a collective work with all the employees of BDO France.

A public commitment

The creation of a Manifesto formalizes BDO's commitment to all its stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers, etc.) on social, environmental and societal issues. It defines a common and coherent national framework for our actions and conveys our values, who we are, where we are going and what we want.

A collective ambition

The Manifesto is collective, collaborative, shared and explained. It is embodied by everyone, every day. Supported by the Board of Directors, it is a strategic founding act that sets out the vision and major strategic orientations and enables us to share a common project. The Manifesto was the first step towards the "Entreprise à mission" status, and is the frame that has allowed us to define BDO's "raison d'être" and the objectives to which the company is committed in the years to come.

Our promise

The Manifesto contributes to our business performance and employees' loyalty by fostering a sense of belonging and by highlighting the key principles of our actions. In order to make this responsible commitment happen, BDO decided to launch a strategic project in 2021 to define its "raison d'être" and become a "Entreprise à mission".