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Our commitment in Culture

BDO and young talents

BDO supports the young prodigy Jean-Paul Gasparian, the youngest pianist and winner of the Lyon International Piano Competition (2013).

BDO and the piano

BDO is a sponsor of the 7th edition of the Lyon International Piano Competition. The aim of this competition is to allow young pianists from all countries to showcase their talent.

BDO and Classical music 

As part of its policy to support talent, BDO organised a series of classical music concerts in several regions of France in 2012.

BDO and the violin

BDO organised the 2011 Artist of the Year Award presented by ResMusica to recognise an artist who has made a name for himself or herself through concerts, recordings or inititatives.

BDO and Arts

In 2011, BDO's Paris headquarters hosted an event around the work of the contemporary artist Louis Cane. Sculptures, paintings, collages, furniture of Louis Cane challenged visitors by juxtaposing the abstract and the figurative with nearly 25 works on display.